M50 Energy

The M50 is a complete curtain wall system capable of responding to all architectural applications with excellent energy efficiency, with the following features:

– Width of pillars and crossbars of 50mm
– Remarkable thermal insulation up to Uf = 1.0 W / m2k, making the M50 system suitable for any climatic region and low energy buildings
– Various range of columns specially designed to withstand wind loads, allowing the use of steel inserts with standard shapes and sizes
– A wide range of ornamental lids visible from the outside, offering a wide variety of façade designs
– Using the same structure of pillars and sleepers, the structural curtain wall version (without visible aluminum elements)
– It allows the installation of any type of opening in the curtain walls (vectural openings, parallel openings, swing-openings with both the hidden sash and the classic sash)
– Anti-burglar protection class RC2 (WK3)
– Fighting protection class FB6
– Class EI 30 fire protection
– Exceptional sound insulation combined with the P50 (EcoShield)
– The system allows for complex typologies (inclined, polygonal surfaces, etc.)
– The system has special supports for supporting the sun visor blades
– The system allows the fitting of any type of access door in the M11500 and other Al systems>

M50 Energy – fire-resistant series 30 minutes!

The M50 equipped with a fire-resistant glass has been certified for a 30-minute resistance, thus ensuring the crucial time required to evacuate the building in case of fire or any other type of emergency.

Technical Details