Attic Windows

Did you think the attic windows are only wooden?
Well, you can find PVC too!
What do you choose? Wood or PVC? 

At the wooden windows the knotless frame and the wooden sash without the knots and the colorless lacquer layer reveal the natural beauty of the wood. The laminated wood profiles are glued together, which results in a high degree of resistance and a permanent shape.

The white PVC window is aesthetically pleasing and fits perfectly with any decoration. Resistant to condensate water caused by high humidity. It does not require maintenance, it is easy to clean. It’s the ideal window for bathrooms and kitchens.

How do you choose the right size? 

We recommend that in order to assure the proper amount of natural light, the window illuminating surface must be at least 10% of the useful surface of the room.

For a roof with a high degree of inclination, a shorter window is required, and at a small incline a longer window. Thus, we can ensure that the bottom of the window is 90-110 cm from the floor, and the handle on the top to an easily accessible height of 185-200 cm.

The width of the window is generally determined by the distance between the rafters. This optimum distance is obtained by adding 2-3 cm at the window width on both sides.