Window handles

We offer a full range of window handles. The client has a choice of a wide range of colors. Besides standard handles, we also offer the possibility of Hoppe handles that are made of shock and corrosion resistant materials. The materials used are: aluminum, stainless steel, brass, protected by special oxide layers, chromium alloys and nickel or burnt lacquer. The Secustik window handle offers increased security at an attractive price. Hoppe has developed the idea of ​​security. Secustik means increased security with sound safety: the click of the handle will give you the feeling of peace and security that the window has closed. The Secustik Window Handle has a patented lock mechanism. Prevents any fraudulent manipulation of the outside window. Hoppe Secustik is an excellent handle with added security. The extraordinary design of these handles has made it possible to create a wide range of colors: white RAL 9016, brown RAL 8077, bronze F4, silver F1, titanium F9, so the architect will have a choice to set up the space and will not have to choose the space, And change the plane by the handle.

Escutcheons and Door Handles

Hoppe silvers and handles made of aluminum, for interior and exterior doors. Features: shock, impact and corrosion resistance; Does not require special maintenance; A layer of oxide over alumina was applied; A wet cloth wipes out any trace of dirt! Hoppe silvers and handles made of stainless steel for interior and exterior doors. They are very resistant, they are covered with an invisible passivated layer of chromium-nickel alloy. They are environmentally friendly. It keeps its properties for long periods of time. Hoppe silvers and handles, a wide range of colors and finishes for interior and exterior doors. They are protected by chrome plating or a transparent layer of burnt lacquer; High resistance to solvents and chemicals. It is easy to clean with a simple cloth.