Wood Windows

Characterized by its elegance, wood was among the first materials used by humans, even if later attempts were made to introduce alternative solutions (plastic, polyurethane, etc.). Currently, the wood for carpentry after a proper drying (8-12%) can be used as such – solid, or can be made beams of different shapes and sizes – ie layered, from the slats glued together with special adhesive. The geometric stability over time of carpentry made of laminated elements is incomparably better than that of solid wood, although sometimes it alters the design.

The carpentry is made on the basis of LAMINATED WOOD profiles which are cut and then assembled with special attention. The differentiation is made according to the raw material of the product which offers the stability and durability of the windows and a better protection against noise and temperature changes.


Wood essence:

  • pin
  • oak
  • meranti

The density of Nordic pine wood (frequently used for laminated wood joinery) is 450-500 kg / m3. The energy efficiency (K) of the 68mm deep pine profile is approximately 0.7W / mpK

TEETH joining procedure of the laminated wood profile: FINGER JOINT

Gluing the profile – special D4 adhesive for exterior with properties:

  • resistant to low temperatures
  • heat resistant
  • shock resistant

The window frame is made of a profile of: 72mm x 86mm; final size: 68mm x 82mm (68mm depth)

The door frame is made of a profile of: 72mm x 115mm; Final size is: 68mm x 107mm (68mm depth)

The frame is made of TT made of solid wood 80mm x 100mm wide. The wing renovation frame is also executed, it has a thickness of 12-18mm, a height of 20mm-100mm. It can be even bigger

The usual glass package is 26mm. It can also be: 28; 30; 32; 34mm

The glass is fixed with neutral silicone (white; transparent; brown) with EPDM with black gasket

The number of gaskets for laminated wood joinery is 2 rows.

The carpentry sealing gasket is fixed on the sash, white and brown color.

The hardware used for laminated wood joinery is ROTO-NT. The hardware warranty is 2 years. Balcony doors are made of window profile or door profile. Double layered wood is used for interior carpentry. Cannot be plated on the outer face with Aluminum. Wooden carpentry for the interior can be covered with water-based paint OR with polyurethane paint-based on GLR solvent (if `the sun can’t see it`). The laminated wood profile is not treated. The humidity of the laminated wood is between 8-12%. It is measured with a humidity meter.

The color palette for laminated wood joinery is:

  • 20 colors for bait
  • 200 RAL colors for the varnish

Advantages of laminated wood joinery:

  • natural appearance
  • constructive technical potential
  • lifespan (50 years)
  • Any form of carpentry can occur
  • can be curved with a radius of 100mm
  • Laminated wood joinery allows you to adjust the humidity (good for kitchens, bathrooms, saunas)
  • Laminated wood joinery painted in light colors retains color over time and after prolonged exposure to the sun
  • ensures thermal and acoustic comfort (laminated wood is solid, uniform and compact)
  • Laminated wood joinery can be two-tone with RAL color code specification
  • Laminated wood joinery can be any RAL color (200 colors) with color code specification