Roller Shutters

Applied exterior roller shutters

They are placed on the woodwork already in place and their box is located outside;They Represent a decorative element ideal for any type of building
Some models can be equipped from the start with a mosquito net. The net is rolled upand fitted with a silicone brake – performance system that slows down the winding speed of the web.
They can be mounted quickly (45- 60 minutes for a roller shutter)
Housing aluminum (170 mm)



Bunk exterior roller shutters

They settled at the windows of investment in new buildings
These are also available in the variant equipped with mosquito netting a silicone brake
Ultra-fast assembly: only 20 minutes for each shutter
PVC casing (170 mm or 210 mm)


Embed exterior roller shutter

They settle in the construction, together with the placement of carpentry. They are also available in the variant with mosquito net.
Thanks to the box that can be hidden under the plaster, they match perfectly the design of any building quell
Fast installation: 45 to 60 minutes for each shutter.