Safety for Doors

Multi-point door locking GUs for aluminum or plastic profile doors are specially designed for the requirements of these door systems: they are available as individual frog solutions with short distances from the center of the keyhole to the edges and the height of the tailgate At the narrow slopes of aluminum or PVC profile doors. At GU you can find individual solutions for the entire range of uses from the manual door entry door to the fire-resistant underground garage door with anti-panic function.

Automatic multi-point closure.

This is a device with two spring arches, which is triggered automatically when the door is pulled to the closed position. They automatically act as stops and are secured against forcing in the opposite direction. These systems have been tested in combination with various door systems of RC 2 and RC 3 security doors with hooks.



For increased 5-point safety stresses up to resistance class 3 (RC3: Intrusion Test with two screwdrivers and wrenches) at wide profiles, the door may be provided above or below the primary lock with various additional locks such as these beak closures.

All hook bolts are secured against sawing (as per the provisions of the SKG) due to hardened steel reinforcement.

Due to snap fastening in the stop element, dislodging the door with a lever becomes very difficult.