Romserv Evolution 92

Do you want to compromise when it comes to home comfort and energy optimization? You do not even have to. You can have both of them.

The bluEvolution system in itself represents a new class of profiles designed to achieve the thermal transfer coefficient of the window in its entirety. The smaller it is, the more your comfort increases and the heating costs decrease.

Because bluEvolution is forward-looking, it has the pragmatic design of the next generation of windows. Combined with a small height of only 118 mm, which allows large glazing surfaces, fulfilling all ecological criteria and coming with a super-density, it is perfection-made in Germany.

The construction depth (92 mm), the number of rooms (6) with their intelligent arrangement, the three sealing gaskets, influence the technical performance.

Even in the standard version of the window a Uw value of 0.83 W / m2K can be achieved. With thermal reinforcement and high-insulation glass, we can achieve values ​​of 0.73 W / m2K that exceed passive house standards. Thanks to intelligent design, you can use a glass package with a thickness of up to 60 mm.

6-chamber PVC profile:
– PVC profile width: 92 mm (mounting depth)
– Wall thickness of the PVC profiles: 3 mm
– Classic design (right)
– Galvanized steel reinforcement: 1.5mm – 2mm
– Triple thermal insulating glass 52 – 60 mm with 3 glass sheets
– Class A profile specific to the temperate climate zone, for buildings with high thermal insulation requirements
– Easy cleaning
– System with 3 gaskets
– Increased wind, rain and dust due to the 3-seater system (there is a median gasket)
– The profiles can be coated with aluminum on the outside in various RAL colors
– Coefficient of heat transfer up to Uw = 0.73 W / (m2K)


Perfection – Made in Germany;
An extremely high level of quality due to the continuous monitoring of the production process of the profiles;
High standards of profiles that fit into Class A;
High quality materials that are manufactured by a special process to ensure the greatest possible utility;
Requires minimal care due to the highly condensed surface;
Protection against heat loss;
Excellent thermal insulation, lowering heating costs and CO2 emissions, which makes bluEvolution 92 an environmentally friendly system;
Recycling the entire profile from the window due to the first grade of vinyl that can be separated for recycling;
Protection against noise, theft and heavy rain thanks to the large construction depth and 3 seals.