Panoramic Doors

If you want a modern house with bright and spacious rooms that offer a great view of nature, then the choice of sliding doors is the way you need.

Advantages of Sliding Doors:

– The natural light from the outside to the inside is much larger. This will allow you to enjoy more bright rooms.
– Elegant and modern look of your home.
– The feeling of increased space.
– Excellent thermal insulation thanks to the system that allows the installation of three glass sheets.
– Remarkable technical properties through stiffening profiles mounted on the frame and sash that give much greater strength and stability.

Romserv Invest manufactures and markets the following types of panoramic doors:

Lifting sliding doors with high comfort in operation, safe prevention of intrusion, variable ventilation of the rooms and simple installation. In addition to this, you will also find special solutions for the ventilation of the gap, suitable thresholds, and an optional speed limiter.
Harmonized doors allow greater freedom of opening without the hindrance of a sleepers or panels. Thus, a door can reach up to 5 components, on fixed rails or in the floor.

The great mobility of this harmonic door model enables total opening. It is adapted with a “accordion” mechanism from mobile cans that allow the surface to be opened.

This opening is not obstructed by fixed parts or sleepers. There are various possibilities for choosing these folding canoes. The quality and design of the hardware guarantees flexibility and durability.

The oscillating sliding doors bring a room of light and space to the room. Whether it’s a small balcony or a spacious terrace, with just one hand move you can open your interior to the outside without anything to get you tangled.

With the oscillating sliding hardware, you will advance to new dimensions when building standard window profiles. Innovative trolley technology ensures efficient and lasting use with precise functionality even at high loads. During ventilation in the oscillating position, the scissors keep the leaf open, with a storm lock.

The weight of the driven leaf can reach up to 200 kg.

All these types of doors can be made of both PVC and Aluminum.