Sills and frames make the whole carpentry be complete, and besides the aesthetic impact, functionality and correct mounting are very important, too.In case of  Salamander windows you can use sills and frames made of different types of materials, but at the same time the mounting instructions must be taken into consideration so that the heat transfer coefficient shouldn’t be affected and the correct drainage of the water should be ensured . As window manufacturers, we are at your disposal with all the necessary technical details at any time you want, with technical support and the best sill offers ,complying with the norms in use.


They are made of PVC and are about 20 mm thick. They are mounted in the interior and give a touch of elegance and unity to windows. Another important role is that of additional protection against random water infiltrations or preventing the surfaces at the base of the windows from getting dirty.

Maximum lengths 6000 mm
Potential widths: 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 mm
Available colors: white, mooreiche, walnut, golden oak, mahogany


They are made of aluminum, extruded and painted in electrostatic field which makes the paint more resistant on the exterior. They are very necessary on the exterior as they offer protection against rain infiltrations on the lower part. They are silicon sealed in contact with the window or they can be mounted with the help of a solbank which is placed under the frame on the lower part.

Maximum lengths 6000 mm
Potential widths:150, 200, 250, 300, 320, mm
Thickness 1 – 1,5 mm.
Available colors: white, brown.
Easy cleaning.
Side covers.
Resistant on the exterior
Aluminum sills can be ordered according to the depths shown above but at a rate specifc to each part.