Romserv ALU S77

The S77 is the latest proposal for advanced, breaking roof systems that meet the highest standards for public and private buildings in Western Europe and reach the most demanding levels of water permeability, thermal and acoustic insulation. The system includes a wide range of modern, curved form profiles. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of using hidden windows and doors for skylights and hardware, as well as double-sided or coplanar sash profiles with internal or external opening for entrance doors. It is the ideal solution for any type of construction that requires strict standards of high performance and maximum safety.

The system provides ease and flexibility in execution, as it offers the possibility of using the specific fittings for the European camera and the 16mm hardware.

– Hex width 77mm, sash width 85mm
– High thermal insulation Uf ≥ 0.84W / m2 by using 40mm anti-distortion special polyamides in the frame and profile sash to avoid banana effect due to high temperature differences between the interior and exterior through expandable insulation PE, kooltherm inserts and central gaskets composed of an expandable EPDM joint.
– Visible aluminum panel width: 103 mm
– 3 levels of water permeability with EPDM gaskets for windows and entrance doors.
– Higher water permeability due to the large central seal surface at the polyamide contact.
– Solutions all types of entrance doors and windows.
– Special profiles for fitting, specific to the French market are available.

* The S77 system offers the possibility of hidden sash and accessories. The version is ideal for maximizing natural lighting due to the visibly reduced width of the aluminum profile.

Technical Details