Controlled Ventilation


The ventilation of the room is the only reliable method to prevent the appearance of condens by lowering the level of humidity in the room ( which is far more healthier ). The condens on the insulated windows appears especially where these are not provided with ventilation grilles and where the level of humidity in the interior space is high.

To avoid great losses of heat by opening the window in order to ventilate, we recommend mounting grilles to control ventilation and prevent the appearance of condens and mildew: ventilation grilles.

The advantages of using the ventilation grille :

  • It self-regulates the fresh air flow according to the relative level of humidity in the room ;
  • It can be mounted on every type of joinery: PVC, aluminum or laminated  wood ;
  • It does not need electrical power ;
  • It does not retain water, on the contrary, it controls humidity;
  • It does not contain consumable parts ;
  • It does not require special maintenance, just a simple annual dust cleaning ;
  • It allows fresh air to get in, sufficent for a room with a volume of up to 70 cubic meters ;
  • It is sensitive to humidity  it self regulates the fresh air flow introduced according to the level of humidity detected ;
  • It is provided with a turn off button to manually stop the air flow, which can be used in the case someone wishes to do that.
  • A solution for controlled ventilation without being necessary to perforate the profile of the window is represented by the ventilation grilles which are mounted right inside the glass.

This ventilation grilles system is practically mounted together with the glass package (double glazed or triple glazed glass) which is ordered to be made in a smaller size than the width of the ventilation grille.It is recommended in the case of windows with large glass surfaces and it is generally mounted at the same time the window is manufactured.

There is also the possibility of mounting these grilles later, but in this case it is necessary to change the whole glass package which leads to rather high costs.

The main advantage of this system is the fact it can be painted according to the color of the joinery, unlike the ventilation grilles sensitive to humidity which are mounted on the profile and which are available only in a few color alternatives.