Romserv Confort 76

The SALAMANDER STREAMLINE system with a 76 mm width has a special design in line with new trends. Streamline is a 5-chamber insulation profile both on frame and sash, providing high thermal and sound protection, maximum window stability and a lifetime certified by independent institutes for 50 years. It’s all you need to feel good in your environment. Made of waterproof material that is extremely waterproof and easy to clean, it sets new standards for durability and maintenance.

PVC profile with 5 rooms:

– Width of PVC profiles: 76 mm (mounting depth)
– Wall thickness of the PVC profiles: 2.7-3 mm
– Classic design (right)
– Two gaskets system
– Galvanized steel reinforcement: 1.5mm – 2mm
– Double or triple thermal insulation with a thickness of between 24 – 40 mm
– Class A profile specific to the temperate climate zone, for buildings with high thermal insulation requirements
– Easy cleaning
– Increased wind, rain and dust
– The profiles can be coated with aluminum on the outside in various RAL colors
Thermal transfer coefficient up to Uw = 0.7 W / (m2K)


Large steel reinforcements guarantee the best stability;
The classic and elegant design combined with the latest window technology;
Increased water resistance and very easy to care thanks to high quality vinyl with a dense structure;
Best Quality Sheeting Sheets: Offers a wide range of colors both standard and RAL colors;
Reduces energy costs and improves the quality of life through the 5-chamber system and the two gaskets that provide optimal thermal insulation and noise protection.