PVC Windows

Aluminium Windows

Wood Windows

Since the beginning of the building, a burning desire has been the natural enlightenment of spaces. Once this desire was solved by leaving gaps in the walls of the houses, the builders faced a very big problem, that of the cold, the rain, the wind that came through those gaps in the house and led to a massive discomfort for the inhabitants. These voids have been named windows, and in the beginning, to prevent the passage of rain and wind, they were masked with wood, paper and even animal skins.

With the industrial revolution, the technicians have been able to process the glass in many ways so we can isolate the dwelling.

The elements that make up a window are:
The frame – which is the frame of the window
The earpiece – the movable side of the window (the one on an opening for ventilation)
Window – is 80% of the window surface
Ironwork – the part that helps close the window
Accessories – represent handles, hinges, slats
Ventilation grilles – those through which room ventilation is controlled